Art & architecture at KASTEL

Heinrich Gasser the builder and ex-owner from the Kastel Seiser Alm/Residence in Castelrotto planned a modern Hotel/Holiday flat/Vacation home. He decided to make a unique building. The Kastel/Aparthotel is the only building with a courtyard in Castelrotto, also the pool was the first in the village and is today more relevant than ever due to its curved shape.


Artworks by known artists from Europe decorate the building. In addition to the picture Gallery with its changing exhibitions can be found in each apartment at least one painting (mostly oil paintings) by Vladislav Kavan (1924 - 2003). The artist used to stay for a longer term in the “Private Suite” of the Kastel Seiser Alm and created at this time most of the pictures, which are still present in the Hotel. All art works and paintings are registered in an own art catalogue.